With Ayelet Karni’s fine handling of the oboe d’amore obbligato and ‘cellist Ira Givol’s well chiselled playing in the bass aria “Enlighten too my gloomy mind”, Pelc and his fellow musicians brought out the lustrous and poetic joy of the movement…

Pamela Hickman,  26.3.2013


Ayelet Karni and Gideon Meir play Italian and German music in Tel Aviv, from Pamela Hickman’s review in November 2013:

Karni’s performance of this multi-sectional piece suggested much spontaneity, giving each section new meaning, color and temperament, embellishing it with the use of florid “passagi”, also offering the listener a surprise or two.  

Karni’s playing was warm and full of feeling. With the organ holding the basic melody, Karni, on the soprano recorder, dealt with virtuosic passages with ease rather than ego-driven show as she presented their many moods.

Their playing was gently swayed, imaginative, with Karni weaving many connecting ornaments throughout the texture, indeed upholding Silvestro Ganassi’s credo that the recorder should imitate the songfulness of the human voice.


An unexceptionable performance by Ayelet Karni… overwhelming performace

Dror Yokneam, Telaviv City, 26.2.2012


The concert’s star was the gifted recorder player Ayelet Karni. She is known as an excellent recorder player who has performed concerts in Israel and abroad

Lisa Dor, Matzav Ha’ir 2009